Solds January 2016 to December 2017

The Lincoln Square Lofts Solds Report is a summary of closed transactions over the past 9 months.  Our market  changes daily, and several factors shift the price up or down, depending on all sorts of variables, including intangibles. For example, the location determines the “view corridors” from the Entry, Family Room, Kitchen, or Master. There could be mountain views or just a nearby parking lot, or maybe plenty of trees, parks or walking trails.  Street and other noise exposure also impact value.  The level of updating, and the “feel” of the property ultimately make the difference between Sold in 2 days or….. over priced, then price decreased and Sold in 2 months.

Sales of Lincoln Square Lofts have ranged from $210,000 for a July sale of an 750 sf loft up to another June sale at $320,000 for a 1,311 sf Loft with terrific views and 2 parking spaces. Details are shown below, and there will be quarterly updates as the market grows throughout 2016.